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Orion Boats is owned and operated by Darren Berry, a name synonymous with boat building in Australia. Darren started building boats in 1997 in Taiwan and then later China and was the founder of the well-respected brand Clipper Motoryachts in 1999 and set up an international network of dealers for Clipper Motoryachts in Norway, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore. In 2010 Darren sold Clipper Motoryacths and the brand is still going strong.

Darren grew up around boats. His grandparents owned the Whitsunday Wanderer Adventure Cruises in Airlie Beach in the 1970s. They had a Charter boat fleet with the “Island Wanderer”, “Reef Wanderer”, “Happy Wanderer” and the flagship “Whitsunday Wanderer”, the largest timber boat ever built in Australia. They also owned the original Yellow Submarine coral observation submersible.

Darren moved on to work on the luxurious charter boats at Hayman Island and completed his Master Class 3 and Marine Engineer certificates and then moved to Brisbane in the mid ‘90s to work as a manager for River Connections, the operator of the city’s river cat ferries.

“I believe that success in boat building comes from knowing boats, being immersed in the business. I communicate many times daily with our shipyards, I know our owners and I listen to them closely.

After selling Clipper Motoryachts Darren ventured into other very successful businesses, however boats run through his veins and Darren alway wanted to get back into building boats that his customers can enjoy and make life long memories with.

Darren searched high and low to find a ship yard that had the skills and latest technology to partner with to build a range of aluminium plate boats. After much due diligence Darren found a shipyard that had been successfully building their own range of aluminium plate boats and had built over 300 boats in the past few years “They had a good track record and reputation in building this type of boat.”

“My philosophy is simple really: use the best facets of Asian boat building, use good quality and trusted components, efficient and strong hull designs, and have distinctly Australian fittings and layouts that suit our market.”

Darren said that the workmanship demonstrated by the yard’s staff is superb.

Today, Orion Boats builds two lines, the Titan and Strike. The “Titan” range has airtight chambered hull design with positive buoyancy and foam filled pontoons. This increases the stability, which allows occupants to move freely about the deck, even all on one side. Even if a chamber is pierced, the separate foam filled chambers will keep the boat afloat, making the Titan virtually unsinkable.

The “Titan” hulls create a cushion of water under each chamber, softening the ride in rough waters with very little spray rising above the gunwales because it is deflected and trapped by the hull design.

The “Strike” range is perfect for fishing, cruising or water sports. Built with aluminium plate the hull is separated into foam filled chambers offering a higher degree of safety, this range has a 23 degree deadrise with reverse chines making it remarkable quiet and soft riding.

All Orion Boats are designed and manufactured to Australian standards  and are built for boaties, fisherman and families.  We never compromising on materials or build, Orion Boats pride themselves in delivering value for money boats, designed with safety, strength and longevity.

Darren operates Orion Boats out of Brisbane, Queensland and is continuing on the proud legacy and tradition he forged with Clipper Motoryachts of building quality boats with cutting edge design and value for money.

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