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Orion Boats focus on building high quality, great value aluminium plate boats. The Orion Plate Hull has been engineered using the very best quality marine grade aluminium so you can be assured that all Orion Boats are built without compromise on  construction, layout and freeboard, regardless of the size or model.

The Orion Difference

At Orion we take welding, painting and final assembly to a highest level, each Orion Boat has quality that you can see and feel.

Orion Plate boats are Hand Built Tough our team includes mechanical engineering, sheet metal and broiler fabrication, and AutoCAD/Solid Works computer program designers.

  • Premium 5083 Marine Grade Aluminium Construction 
  • Deep V Hull for Soft Ride 
  • Auto Drain Deck 
  • CE & ISO 9001 Certified 

Built Tough

It’s what’s under the floor that makes Orion Boats safer and quieter than most aluminium plate boats on the market. Air-tight and foam filled chambers help with buoyancy and a quieter ride.

Even our smallest boats have 5mm thick plate aluminium bottoms and 3mm sides or larger boats have 6mm thick plate aluminium bottoms and 4mm sides.

Orion Plate boats are built for serious fishing and we challenge you to find a tougher boat out there.

Quality Visible Welds

Orion uses the world’s Best Pulse Mig Welding Machines which are capable of laying down a beautiful looking and an extremely strong weld.

The quality welding machines ensure quality welds. We leave the welds very visible and very strong, our welds are not sanded back for looks. Owners can see how the boats are welded together which shows the strength and quality. It’s a feature we are proud of.

Premium 5083 Marine Grade Aluminium Construction

Orion Boats smallest models are built with 5mm thick plate aluminium bottoms and 3mm sides and our larger boats have 6mm thick plate aluminium bottoms and 4mm sides.

With Orion’s plate boat construction, you get a very strong hull which requires no pressings to strengthen, unlike other boats built with 3mm sheets or less.

Titan Range Design Features

The Pontoons on the Orion “TITAN” models , create a cushion of water under each  chamber at speed, thus softening the ride.

The Orion “TITAN” at speed has very little spray that rises above the gunwales because it is deflected and trapped by the hull design. This contributes to comfort and dryness of ride

Apart from aiding buoyancy, Orion’s “TITAN” chambers with internal hull bracing provide longitudinal rigidity to the boat.

The unique design of the “TITAN” pontoon chambers gives you more cockpit space than most other similarly styled boats.

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