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DBTB Pty. Ltd t/a Orion Boats  are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase, (subject to the Orion limited warranty special provisions) for the following periods


An ‘authorised Orion dealership’ is any dealership that has an agreement with Orion Boats to sell

new Orion vessels.

This warranty only applies to vessels purchased for personal use. Vessels purchased for racing or

other commercial and/or competitive activities carry their own separate warranties. See further

below for vessels purchased for commercial use.

Subject to the warranty terms set out below, Orion Boats warrants that each new vessel is free from

faulty materials or workmanship. If not, we will replace or repair the faulty part free of charge during

normal business hours, provided we can identify it by its serial number.

The terms of the Orion warranty are as follows:

1. The benefits conferred by the Orion Warranty are in addition to your rights and remedies as a

consumer in the country where you purchased your vessel.

2. New Hull 5 Year Warranty. Orion Boats warrants the following components are free

from faulty materials or workmanship for five (5) years from the date of original retail


a. Hull/Sealed chambers;

b. All welding performed by at the manufacturer

c. Stringers, transom and components welded integrally into hull; and

d. Topside (above deck) components performed by the manufacturer .


4. New Paint and Powder-coat 2 Year Warranty. Orion Boats warrants all paintwork and

powder-coating is free from defect for two (2) years from the date of original retail purchase. This

excludes normal wear and tear such as the effects of oxidation and degradation caused by salt

water, fresh water, fuel, electrical currents and dissimilar metals. The paint and powder-coating

warranty is only applicable to paint and powder-coat applied by the manufacturer and/or their

sub-contractors. It does not cover paint and powder-coat applied by suppliers and their parts.

5. Repair or replace. Except for the exclusions set out below, Orion Boats will repair or, at its

option, replace any part of the vessel which in the opinion of Orion Boats is defective during the

periods specified above.

6. Exclusion(1) – Third Party Components. As the manufacturer procures many components

from external sources, these components are subject to their own manufacturer’s warranty. This

will vary from product to product but will not be less than 12 months from the date of original

retail purchase of the vessel. Components that are normally covered by their own

manufacturer’s warranty include:

o Propulsion motors and drive units

o Controls, instrumentation and wiring supplied with the motor and/or drive unit

o Battery

o Electronic fittings

o Painted and powder-coated externally supplied parts

o Limited suppliers warranty

7. Exclusions(2). This Warranty only applies to products supplied and fitted by Orion Boats.

8. Exclusions(3). Any modifications to or products fitted onto vessels after the date of original

retail purchase will carry their own warranty (either product warranty and/or dealership

warranty). Please get your dealership to explain their warranty period on any work carried out

by them.

9. Exclusion(4). Any modification to the factory finished vessel by anyone outside of Orion Boats

must be approved by Orion Boats before the modification is executed. Failure to do so may void

the warranty outlined in this document.

10. Exclusion(5). The warranty does not apply to defects caused by the boat being used or

maintained negligently, improperly.

11. This warranty is transferable to any number of new owners during the relevant warranty period.

The start of the warranty period remains the date of original retail purchase.

12. No employee, retailer or dealer of Orion Boats has any authority to add to or alter the terms

and conditions of this warranty and any such alterations made shall not be binding.


1. Damage to products which have been repaired or modified and/or resulting from the

installation of motors or other accessories fitted in either case other than by a Orion Boats

authorised service centre.

2. Damage to products, which have been subject to misuse, negligent use or accident.

3. Damage to a trailer, or a boat powered or loaded in excess of ratings designated on the

capacity-plate affixed to that item.

4. Damage caused to boats by road trailers through improper support or incorrect adjustment.

5. Damage to ancillary equipment supplied by Orion Boats (e.g. motors, propellers, tanks,

controls, batteries etc.) where the manufacturer’s warranty conditions have been breached.

6. Window or windscreen breakage, scratching or leakage.

7. Upholstery damage by tearing, abrasion, puncture or solvents.

8. Damage to items expected to wear through normal use.


1. All Orion Boats purchased for use in the commercial sector have a six-month warranty period

from the date of original retail purchase. This includes boats used for fishing charters and water


2. When a vessel is purchased for commercial use, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not

apply. Save for this and for the duration of the warranty (6 months instead of 5 years for the hull

and 2 years for paintwork), the warranty terms set out in this document apply to vessels

purchased for commercial use.


1. All product must be delivered to and collected from, at your expense, an authorised Orion Boats


2. You must stop using the defective component, or the entire boat as appropriate, and contact an

authorised Orion Boats dealership as soon as you become aware of a defect or failure of the

component. Continued use could further damage the component in question or the boat itself

and will render the Warranty void.

3. If the product needs to be sent from the dealership to Orion Boats head office in Brisbane for

work to be undertaken under the warranty, your authorised Orion Boats dealership will discuss

this, and the associated costs, with you and Orion Boats on a case by case basis.

4. Your authorised Orion Boats dealership will gather the required information with you and

submit your claim to Orion Boats for further review.


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